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What do I do if I’m involved in a keyword bidding war?

Keyword Bidding Wars

The first rule of keyword bid wars, like knife fights, is: don't get in one. You can expend all your PPC bid management energy in a bidding war over the #1 keyword on, say, FindWhat, when you could have been placing a pay per click bid on Overture for the #9 keyword, a targeted keyword for your business.

Keyword bidding wars will upset your keyword bid management strategy. Bid management software can close bid gaps, but you need to budget for the bid gaps and determine how much loss you can comfortably eat. You need to base your pay per click bid management strategy on your overall business and marketing objectives, and especially your Internet marketing objectives.

Can I tailor my keywords to actions I want visitors to perform at my site?

Actions and Keywords

When planning your keyword bid management, ask the very same question as when you designed your site: What do I want my visitors to do?

If your aim is to get visitors to sign a petition to save the rainforest, for example, you can use smart bid management to direct eco-friendly traffic to your site.

Budget your PPC bid management for a pay per click bid on search terms such as “save the rainforest,” including additional terms such as “rain forest save.” Why? Because this is what you want your site visitors to do. You can even include “petition” and “online petition” in your pay per click bid management. Just make sure, if you're a nonprofit 501(c)3 organization, you know where all your money goes.

What do I need to know to succeed in FindWhat bidding?

FindWhat Bidding

When planning your FindWhat bid management and downloading your keywords into pay per click management software, don't forget the filters.

FindWhat offers users the option to filter their searches, blocking adult content, which can interfere with your pay per click bid management. For example, if your visitors perform searches for “bra,” the filtered results might not include your lingerie or women's clothing store if your listing includes the word “nude” (referring to the color).

This is not to say that PPC bid management means ruthlessly scouring your ads and sites for any potentially offensive terms. But if you make a pay per click bid for “bra,” you might want to omit the word “nude.” You'll probably find that in your keyword bid management that your clickthroughs (and conversions) increase when you design your campaign with the FindWhat filter in mind.

How do I find popular search terms related to my business for a specific pay per click search engine?

Popular Search Terms

It's always good business in keyword bid management to know what your potential customers search for, even when your pay per click bid dollars aren't being spent for those specific terms.

For example, if on FindWhat you search for “books,” you'll find 56 listings, which means you can comfortably rely on “books” in your PPC bid management and spend just pennies (the bid for the #1 spot is .08 as of this writing). Widening your pay per click bid management net, you search for “books” at Overture. You can actually view advertisers' max bids in a separate window. has bid .65 as of this writing for the top spot. If your bid management budget can compete with Amazon, make the bid. Otherwise, consider a more specific term such as “paperback books” (.35 for the #1 spot as of this writing.)

What if I have a search term that’s so unique no one’s bid on it?

One of a Kind Search Terms

If you have a store that raises funds for rainforest preservation, you want your pay per click bid to zero in on that specific keyword, or something similar. “Shop the rainforest” seems like a good bet for your PPC bid management. However, just as a search term can be too popular, in keyword bid management a term can also be too unpopular. Say that you do a search for “shop the rainforest” and discover that no one is bidding on that specific keyword. Yet before this throws your pay per click bid management scheme out of whack, you find that a search of Overture produces sponsored results for the phrase. Furthermore, you can get the phrase for under .10, which sounds like a good deal in your bid management experience. If you discover no one is clicking on your listing, you can always just use the term “rainforest.”

How do “blanket” keyword management strategies increase my bid ROI?

“Blanket” Keyword Bid Management

Linus, he of the blanket, would be a whiz at keyword bid management, simply because he knows that blankets can secure your PPC bid management strategy. A “blanket” is a defined range of targeted keywords that relate to one broad keyword.

Say, for example, that you want to place a pay per click bid on “integrated circuit.” Linus would tell you to widen your bid management so you include all related terms, which according to an Overture search include:

* circuit integrated
* circuit integrated mixed signal
* application circuit integrated specific
* circuit integrated system
* circuit digital integrated

Aha! You're a digital integrated circuit manufacturer, so you tell Linus to bid on “circuit digital integrated.” Linus has already planned for that in your pay per click bid management.

You discover that your “blanket edges,” or keyword bid management limits, don't include terms like “circuit history integrated” or “circuit integrated obsolete.” You've just defined a bid management strategy that will maximize your ROI, because people who search for digital circuits click on your listing but not on your competitor's, which includes “circuit history integrated.” Your competitor hasn't defined the blanket, but if you think like Linus, you can.

Is it worth Quepasa’s minimum deposit of $100.00 to capture the Spanish-speaking market?

Quepasa and Bid Management

Spanish language portals and pay per click search engines are muy caliente…in fact, if your business is hot or if you have a resort in a hot climate, you could even place a pay per click bid for “muy caliente” on your bid management console. Remember that Quepasa searches are bilingual, so spending $100 (minimum) in your PPC bid management is a smart move if you want to reach the bilingual audience.

Say that in your keyword bid management strategy you discover that “muy caliente” in the Spanish-language searches is muy bien on ROI. When you optimize your pay per click bid management for English, you discover that “muy caliente” also offers a terrific ROI in English searches. You've captured the Spanish-speaking market with a $100 deposit and a .10 minimum bid on “muy caliente.”

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