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Since people use Pricegrabber to find low prices, should I use “low price” as a keyword?

Pricegrabber Low Prices

Although “low price” is the Pricegrabber com specialty, it's too generic a keyword for a savvy pay per click shopping engine strategist.


A search for the keyword “low price” turned up 22 matches. While using this particular keyword phrase in other pay per click engines may be of questionable value, the keyword works on Pricegrabber. Go against conventional wisdom in your Pricegrabber pay per click bids and select “low price” as one of your keywords. Searching for “reduced price” led directly to the Stir Chef Saucepan Stirrer, meaning that whoever chose that keyword now has a super-qualified lead.

Are fixed bids better for me in my Pricegrabber campaign than in my bid campaigns with other pay per click engines?

PriceGrabber Fixed Bids

Pricegrabber pay per click uses fixed bids at the category level. This is good news if you're on a keyword budget spread across several pay per click engines. However, you won't be able to close the gaps between you and your closest competitor, so choose your Pricegrabber com keywords with care. However, if you're using keywords such as “low price” (see Lifetip #3) that are less popular but still powerful, you can afford to have bid gaps in this pay per click shopping engine.

Should I include Pricegrabber’s Brazil site, Preçomania, in my PPC campaign?


Brush up on your Portuguese. In addition to the Pricegrabber com UK pay per click shopping engine, Pricegrabber also offers the Brazil shopping site, Preçomania. With a Portuguese-English dictionary, you can devise a bilingual Pricegrabber pay per click strategy. Pay per click engines in other languages offer a terrific opportunity to grab a new audience.

Say, for example, you're a toy retailer specializing in Power Rangers. The keyword phrases “Personagens de Ação” (action figures) and “Super-heróis” will turbo-charge your Portuguese PPC campaign.

I don’t have a Web site, and I understand PriceGrabber can provide one. How does that work?

No Web Site, No Problem on Pricegrabber

Pricegrabber com offers new hope for Web site-deprived merchants. Unlike the Bizrate pay per click shopping engine, Pricegrabber lets you have your PPC and eat it too. Pricegrabber lets you set up your own Web site with the Store Builder service, streamlining your Pricegrabber com pay per click campaigns. Pricegrabber charges you $1.00 on each sale under $15, and 7.5% for each sale over $15.

Is PriceGrabber UK worth including on my PPC campaign?

PriceGrabber UK

Amazon and Yahoo have specialized sites for different countries, and Pricegrabber proved itself to be one savvy pay per click shopping engine by launching Pricegrabber com UK. If you've opened a UK site, your Pricegrabber pay per click dollars, or pounds in this case, can stretch across the globe when you list yourself in one of four major categories (not including subcategories):

• Photo
• Software
• Computers
• Electronics

Your reach won't be limited to the UK, but you'll jolly well hedge your bets by listing in one of the pay per click engines your competition has overlooked.

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