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How many keywords should I select in my Internet marketing strategy?

Let's Start With 100 Keywords

Web marketing experts recommend a minimum of 100 keywords for the pay per click search engines. Researching those keywords ahead of time, before you even launch your Web site, puts you ahead of the strategic Internet marketing game.

To maximize your Internet marketing, some experts recommend selecting 1,000 keywords, and not random keywords. A keyword research Internet marketing tool such as Wordtracker can help you select keywords relevant to your business. Your Internet marketing strategy can soar with 1,000 targeted keywords.

In my Web marketing efforts, how will my ad copy affect my PPC campaigns?

Web Marketing, PPC and Ad Copy

Web marketing experts that don't tell you to write effective ad copy are bona fide quacks. Don't trust any so-called sure-fire Internet marketing strategy that tells you to forget ad copy and focus on bidding on the #1 keyword listing on Overture, Kanoodle, etc.

Strategic Internet marketing depends on crisp, active, benefit-laden, keyword-rich ad copy. If you can write ad copy that makes, say, tire irons sound like a must-have and includes the keyword “tire iron” that you've just bid on in the PPC search engine, you've just unleashed an Internet marketing tool equal to buying the most sought-after Overture keyword. Ad copy gives you a particular advantage when designing your Google AdWords, since the AdWords Internet marketing model depends on…you guessed it…words. Make that ad copy sing and your PPC campaigns will thank you.

How much of my Internet marketing can I automate or outsource?

Automating and Outsourcing Web Marketing

Internet marketing services and products, pay per click bid management software and analysis tools, can make Web marketing easier. You don't want to spend every waking moment on your Internet marketing strategy. Aside from tending to customers, you do need to have a life.

Strategic Internet marketing streamlines your business, and doubly so when you delegate or automate, particularly when it comes to pay per click bid management. Just remember that any Internet marketing tool needs to be tested regularly for effectiveness.

How do I use my Web content to increase the ROI on my Google AdWords?

Content, AdWords and Web Marketing

You've no double seen Internet marketing that uses blogs to drive traffic to a Web site. Many bloggers use Google AdSense as a way to make money through their blogs, and many businesses that just happen to publish a blog have discovered a new source of revenue. If you already use GoogleAdWords as part of your strategic Internet marketing, create content that's complementary but not competitive with a related site. Advertising on complementary sites is a proven Internet marketing tool. If you can get your AdWords touting your cellular phone plans and free advice on choosing the right plan placed on a wireless phone blog site, you've just made use of a valuable Internet marketing strategy that will make your AdWords more visible and ensure more clickthroughs/conversion rates. In Web marketing, content really is king.

How many keywords should I have in my Google AdWords ad?

Google AdWords Internet Marketing Strategy

Strategic Internet marketing usually pays attention to where your Google AdWords are placed and what your conversion rates are. However, within your Google AdWords ads, or in each ad within your Ad Groups, you need to also focus your Web marketing on your keywords. Your keywords are a vital Internet marketing tool within each Google AdWords listing.

Some Internet marketing experts say you need to include no fewer than five keywords in your ad. Bear in mind, however, that any Internet marketing strategy is most effective when it doesn't call attention to itself. If the keywords are in a string such as “Great deals on digital cameras, Nikon cameras, Digital image software, Canon creative, and Adobe Photoshop,” then that's a natural-looking laundry list.

How much of my Internet marketing strategy should I devote to pay per click advertising?

Pay Per Click Advertising and Strategic Internet Marketing

Pay per click advertising is unquestionably a powerful Internet marketing tool, but it's not the only one. Your Internet marketing strategy will probably include targeted (opt-in) e-mail marketing, content marketing, search engine optimization, participation in social media sites, and so on.

That said, pay per click search engines can't be omitted in your Web marketing campaigns. But what percentage of your Internet marketing do you devote to PPC or CPC search engines? There is no definitive answer, since each aspect of your Internet marketing strategy has to be tailored to your business. If you determine that, for example, e-zines are just a nice add-on but that in terms of strategic Internet marketing, you want to pour 50 percent of your advertising efforts and dollars into pay per click advertising, then do so.

The key to successful strategic Internet marketing is simple: evaluate and re-evaluate.

How do I use headlines in my Web marketing and can I use keyword phrases as headlines?

Making Headlines

What if your strategic Internet marketing consultant told you to create a headline for your Web site and pay per click listing? What if that headline for your Internet marketing was as simple as “Wrought Iron Bird Feeders?” A headline tailored to your keyword or keyword phrase is a valuable Internet marketing tool.

Headlines grab your attention when you read news, and when they scroll across the screen on television. Internet marketing strategy and keyword strategy capitalize on how viewers and site users think. When you bid on “wrought iron bird feeders,” you've just created your pay per click listing headline. Much of Web marketing is common sense.

How do I specifically drive traffic from my pay per click listing to my product?

Strategic Linking

One of the major Web marketing mistakes doesn't happen in buying, using or relying on a specific Internet marketing tool. You can have the greatest PPC Internet marketing strategy and the top three keywords. You believe you're all set for Internet marketing success.

There's just one fatal flaw. Your pay per click listing links to your home page instead of the specific product you advertise and that your would be site visitor wants.

Nothing annoys online customers more than having to dig through a Web site to find the product they're looking for. It's a strategic Internet marketing failure that is easily corrected. Just double-check all your pay per click listing links.

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