One of a Kind Search Terms

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What if I have a search term that’s so unique no one’s bid on it?

One of a Kind Search Terms

If you have a store that raises funds for rainforest preservation, you want your pay per click bid to zero in on that specific keyword, or something similar. “Shop the rainforest” seems like a good bet for your PPC bid management. However, just as a search term can be too popular, in keyword bid management a term can also be too unpopular. Say that you do a search for “shop the rainforest” and discover that no one is bidding on that specific keyword. Yet before this throws your pay per click bid management scheme out of whack, you find that a search of Overture produces sponsored results for the phrase. Furthermore, you can get the phrase for under .10, which sounds like a good deal in your bid management experience. If you discover no one is clicking on your listing, you can always just use the term “rainforest.”



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