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What is Bizrate PPC?

Bizrate PPC's unique customer review service sets Bizrate apart from other pay per click search engines. Similar to and, Bizrate allows customers to rate each listing. At the point of sale, BizRate provides customers with a short ratings survey, and responses are added to the Ratings Guide.

To achieve maximum ROI on your Bizrate cost per click, pay attention to your customer rating and check to make sure that your listing achieves the Customer Certified blue ribbon seal of approval with high ratings in twelve categories (see the Merchant Ratings FAQ for more information.)

It's worth coughing up $0.60 per impression in this pay per click engine if you receive the seal of approval and a positive (smiley-face) rating, which can mean Good or Outstanding, in four categories:

• Would Shop Here Again
• On Time Delivery
• Customer Support
• Products Met Expectations

Stores don't pay to be listed in BizRate's Ratings Guide: You don't even have to have a Bizrate pay per click listing, but submitting your listing to the guide will help you achieve greater visibility.

As for how you gain a high rating, the answer is just common sense. Do the best online business, have the best products and give your clients the best customer service/shopping experience. Also, read your feedback regularly and post responses to customer comments.

Don't forget to add your Bizrate Customer Certified seal and rating to your Web site.

How does my listing’s placement in Bizrate’s Categories and Subcategories affect the ROI on my Bizrate cost per click?

Categorize Yourself

For all you eBay sellers, Amazon's not your only avenue to get your auction listing noticed, and nor are the regular pay per click search engines. Bizrate spiders eBay for catalog items such as appliances, electronics, and housewares, then lists items in the Bizrate pay per click engine. When you click “Buy Online,” however, the pay per click engine takes you directly to a product listing page.

A simple search for “ebay” on Bizrate produces many listings, which will most likely drive traffic to your site and prove well worth the Bizrate cost per click for one of the top Wordtracker keywords. Remember, however, to purchase the keyword in your selected categories and subcategories, for example Computers & Software > RAM & Memory Upgrades. Targeting more specific keyword phrases, such as “eBay computer RAM,” will help customers find our eBay business on Bizrate.

How do I achieve a high customer rating?

Let Customers Help You Win the Bizrate Pay Per Click Game

While Net merchants say the cost per customer is higher with Bizrate than with Overture, this shouldn't automatically eliminate Bizrate from your per click search engine campaign. Bizrate's cost per click feature means that what you pay per click may involve prior clicks to reach the final buying point, as opposed to Overture, where you only pay if a customer clicks on your listing.

However, Bizrate, unlike Overture, doesn't charge a setup fee for listings. Also, Overture requires a minimum bid of 10 cents for any keyword. Bizrate offers sponsored links in addition to the traditional PPC model of pay per click search engines. Your Bizrate pay per click campaign can be worth your advertising dollars if you pay attention to your keywords, your customer ratings (see above) and your Bizrate cost per click.

Also, Bizrate is reinventing itself as Shopzilla and reviews already tout Shopzilla as unique among comparison-shopping pay per click search engines.

If Bizrate features the cost per click, shouldn’t I skip BizRate and just go with Overture?

Don't Overreact Because Bizrate's Higher than Overture

Bizrate allows you to bid for keywords at the Category and Subcategory levels. For example, if you are a kitchen appliance retailer, you might bid on, for example “microwaves” in Bizrate's Appliance category. From there, you might advance your pay per click engine strategy and bid on “microwaves” in the Kitchen subcategory. Then, you'll edge out your competition in the pay per click search engines with a triple play by bidding on “Microwaves” in…you guessed it…Microwaves, a subcategory of Kitchen. The Bizrate cost per click is worth it if you budget for subcategories in your Bizrate pay per click campaign.

How can I create a Bizrate PPC campaign for my eBay business?

I Did It on eBay

You've probably read it so often on the Internet you can recite it in your sleep: Avoid hype. This advice even applies to the pay per click engines. A rule of thumb to remember when designing copy for your Bizrate pay per click listing….

“If you find it in a spam e-mail, don't use it in your Bizrate copy.”

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