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What are negative keywords and how do I use them for maximum benefit in my Google advertising?

Negative Keywords Aren't Negative

If you're in the business of selling Valentine candy, for example, you don't want people searching for Valentine jewelry, and vice versa, on the pay per click search engines. Or free valentine cards, or Karen Valentine, etc. Google AdWords tips in the Google AdWords support database advise you on choosing negative keywords. The word “negative” isn't a bad thing at all for your Google advertising.

For example, a search for “valentine” in the Keyword Tool makes one want to quote Forrest Gump: “Keywords are like a box of chocolates…”

Selecting your keywords for your Valentine Google AdWords ad group might include the keywords “valentine,” “valentine chocolates,” “valentine's day candy.” Then, you add negative keywords:

• -free
• -ecards
• -flowers
• -jewelry

Note that negative keywords count as keywords in your pay per click advertising. They are, however, worth selecting to garner more qualified leads.

How can I best select Google AdWords keywords for my markets in Italy and China?

Google AdWords International Keywords

No set of Google AdWords tips can neglect the international markets, any more than you can.

One advantage Google has over many pay per click search engines is allowing you to select keywords for different languages and countries.

For example, if you provide commercial real estate loans, you can search in Chinese (simplified) and further narrow it down by country to China. When selecting Google AdWords for this campaign, you might search for “commercial real estate” and “loans.” Although results are in English, you gain a list of Expanded Broad Matches (“loan,” “financing”) and Similar Keywords (“investment,” “7a,” “calculation”). Now try “fresco” in Italian, targeted to Italy. The search produces more specific keywords for your Google advertising: “pesce fresco,” “fresco blu parmalat,” “fresco bar milano.” If you speak Italian or have a speaker of Italian on staff, you're ready to select your keywords.

What is my Google AdWords daily budget and how does it affect my pay per click campaign?

Google AdWords Tips on Daily Budget

A few brief Google AdWords tips on your daily budget can save you frustration and money.

First, understand that your Google AdWords daily budget applies to individual campaigns, not to your total Google advertising budget. As with any PPC bid management strategy in the major pay per click search engines, you need to understand how your cost per click is actually spent. For example, if you have seven ad campaigns with a budget of six dollars per campaign, your daily advertising cost is $42.00.

Second, your daily budget determines how often your Google advertising is shown for your keywords, so Google AdWords gives a recommendation for your daily budget amount. Although you have the option to increase your daily budget, taking advantage of the Google AdWords built-in tools saves you hours of trial and error in your Google AdWords pay per click bid management.

Is Google the only place where I can target my Google AdWords campaign?

Google AdWords on Multiple Sites?

Google advertising doesn't mean just buying keyword listings on Google. When selecting Google Adwords, you have a variety of pay per click search engines where your Google AdWords can appear, such as Ask Jeeves, and other sites such as, and

Any Google AdWords tips can't ignore the popularity of Google AdWords and the distinct advantage AdWords sponsored listings have for you over PPC bids on other pay per click search engines. Google AdWords can work in tandem with your campaign, since is a Google AdWords partner site. Google AdWords partner sites also include heavy hitters The Food Network, iVillage and The Weather Channel. Designing targeted keywords for these sites will bring you more qualified leads.

What are Ad Groups and how do I choose keywords for them?

Attracting More Customers with Ad Groups

An Ad Group contains one or more ads targeting one set of key words. Successfully selecting Google AdWords for your ad groups depends, as with all PPC bid campaigns on the pay per click search engines, on knowing your business. This is one of the most vital Google AdWords tips.

For example, to borrow an example from Google AdWords' support site, say you sell sports equipment. You can bid on “tennis shoes,” “running shoes,” “walking shoes,” “cross-training shoes,” and so on, bidding on a Phrase Match, which means that you select those exact phrases (set off by quotes) for visitors to search for. Every ad in the Google advertising contained in your Ad Groups will feature those keywords.

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