Quepasa and Bid Management

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Is it worth Quepasa’s minimum deposit of $100.00 to capture the Spanish-speaking market?

Quepasa and Bid Management

Spanish language portals and pay per click search engines are muy caliente…in fact, if your business is hot or if you have a resort in a hot climate, you could even place a pay per click bid for “muy caliente” on your bid management console. Remember that Quepasa searches are bilingual, so spending $100 (minimum) in your PPC bid management is a smart move if you want to reach the bilingual audience.

Say that in your keyword bid management strategy you discover that “muy caliente” in the Spanish-language searches is muy bien on ROI. When you optimize your pay per click bid management for English, you discover that “muy caliente” also offers a terrific ROI in English searches. You've captured the Spanish-speaking market with a $100 deposit and a .10 minimum bid on “muy caliente.”



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