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What is Overture click fraud and how do I avoid it?

Avoiding Overture PPC Fraud

Have you run up $500-$1000 worth of pay per click ads but your phone has cobewebs on it? By now you may think that taking Mr. Addis Abbaba of Nigeria up on his offer to cut you in on his Nigerian bank account sounds less risky.

Chances are you've crossed over to the Dark Side of pay per click search engines: click fraud, which involves scammers (competitors or pimply-faced hackers) who click on your top Overture position keywords without any intent of buying your products and services. Fortunately, Overture's proprietary Click Protection System looks at each click, so the same scammer can't repeatedly hit your keyword and accumulate multiple per click charges.

Unfortunately, as in any money making activity, there's no way to prevent click fraud, so keep track of your raw server log data to track any suspicious activity; this will help Overture pursue your claim more effectively. Also, a friendly Overture and relationship with the Overture PPC specialists goes a long way.

What is an Auto Bid and what is a Fixed Bid – Does It Matter Anyway?

Fixed Versus Auto Bids

Overture offers two types of bids for pay per click ads. Understanding them both makes a vital difference in your Overture PPC campaigns.

1) Auto Bid – You can set the Max Bid you want to pay per click. In an automated system for pay per click search engines, you only pay, say, $0.01 more than the Max Bid of the next highest competitor, and the system adjusts your cost as other advertisers change bids. This can give you an advantage, but you could end up paying more than you want.
2) Fixed Bid – Overture lets you select the exact amount per click for your pay per click ads and pay that set amount, with no deviation regardless of what other advertisers bid in their Overture PPC campaigns. This conserves your funds, but there's no gap closed between you and other advertisers seeking to beat the pay per click search engines.

Can I succeed with Overture without having my keyword(s) in one of the top three Overture positions?

Don't Just Go Straight to the T-O-P

Remember T-O-P, which stands for Top Overture Position, and also The Optimum Placement. Don't confuse the two.

While you want your per click ads to land in Overture's top three, there's more to succeeding with pay per click search engines than exhausting your funds with a $4.00-6.00 bid per click.

Overture's Search Term Suggestion Tool allows you to see which keywords are most popular, but the most popular per click terms for, say, dog clothing might not be helpful if you want to specify “sweaters for poodles.”

When designing your Overture PPC campaign, remember that the Top Overture Position for you is the keyword position that gets your business noticed.

How can Overture help me choose better, more targeted keywords?

Built-In PPC Tools: Your best Bet for Your Best Keywords

The more specific you get with your keywords in your Overture Pay Per Click campaign, the less competition you will have for your pay per click spots, even if your keywords aren't in the top Overture position.

The Internet Digest cites the example of “soccer training” and suggests “womens soccer training” as a specific Alternative. (Remember that Overture treats single and plural keywords the same.)

If you click on the search term variations for, say, “womens soccer training” on the actual keyword table, you may get even more specific key phrases and keywords, which can deliver more bang for your pay click buck. Take advantage of Overture's built-in tools when designing your Overture PPC campaign.

What are Overture’s limitations and how do I get around them?

Don't Overestimate Overture or Overlook Third Party Solutions

Overture can't maintain your bidding rank for your pay per click ads, so be aware of its limitations. Overture traditionally offers Fixed Bids for pay per click ads, allowing you to set the exact amount you're willing to pay. For example, if you bid $1.00, Overture will charge you $1.00 per click regardless of what other advertisers bid in their Overture PPC campaigns. Overture doesn't close the price gap between you and your competition that keeps you from the top spot or your desired position.

Third party bid management software can help you maintain your rank, or you can outsource your Overture PPC campaign to a third party service provider that will keep your desired rank in the pay per click search engines, specifically Overture.

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