FindWhat Bidding

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What do I need to know to succeed in FindWhat bidding?

FindWhat Bidding

When planning your FindWhat bid management and downloading your keywords into pay per click management software, don't forget the filters.

FindWhat offers users the option to filter their searches, blocking adult content, which can interfere with your pay per click bid management. For example, if your visitors perform searches for “bra,” the filtered results might not include your lingerie or women's clothing store if your listing includes the word “nude” (referring to the color).

This is not to say that PPC bid management means ruthlessly scouring your ads and sites for any potentially offensive terms. But if you make a pay per click bid for “bra,” you might want to omit the word “nude.” You'll probably find that in your keyword bid management that your clickthroughs (and conversions) increase when you design your campaign with the FindWhat filter in mind.



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