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What are some of the benefits of pay per click advertising?

The Benefits of Pay Per Click as an Online Advertising Tecnhique

Online advertising with pay per click listings can be very effective. Unlike other methods of internet online advertising, such as banner ads, PPC listings are seen primarily by internet users actively interested in a product or service. Pay per click also charges its buyer only when used, giving it an excellent expense-to-return ratio.

How should I choose a pay per click engine to advertise my business online?

Choosing a Pay Per Click Search Engine for Online Advertising

The choice of which PPC search engine to use for your online advertising campaigns is very important. Larger engines like Overture will draw the most users, but also have the highest prices. Smaller engines have prices as low as 1 cent per click, but may not generate any traffic. The best option for most companies lies somewhere between the two. Look for a search engine that can satisfy your goals for traffic, but won't break your budget, then research that company and try to contact other businesses that use it for advertising to see how their experience has been.

What are some other online advertising strategies?

Other Online Advertising Methods

Other online advertising techniques include the nearly ubiquitous banner ad, which is an image or rotating series of images that links back to a commercial web page when clicked. Some banner ads pose as games or alert windows to try and trick internet users into clicking them. Pop-up ads are basically banner ads that "pop-up" in their own browser windows. These once plagued the internet, but are now dying out, due both to consumer contempt and advanced pop-up-blocking web browsers. Also, some non-PPC search engines, such as Google and Yahoo allow sponsors to buy pay per click listings that appear along the side of non-sponsored results.

What is pay per click online advertising?

About Pay Per Click Online Advertising

"Pay per click" (sometimes abbreviated as "PPC") is a method of online advertising in which businesses buy highly-ranked listings from a search engine. Unlike many other online advertising techniques, with pay per click, businesses pay for their listings only when their links are clicked. The more a business is willing to pay per click, the higher its site will be listed on the search engine's results.

How does pay per click advertising work?

How Pay Per Click Online Advertising Works

Businesses interested in advertising online with pay per click find a search engine that deals specifically with pay per click services, and then bid on certain keywords related to their business. Because the pay per click online advertising strategy is dependent upon attracting internet users to the PPC search engine, search results are generally supplemented with unpaid listings from a non PPC engine, like Google or Inktomi, to guarantee a useful range of results.

What are some drawbacks to pay per click?

Some Downsides of Online Advertising with Pay Per Click

There are some drawbacks unique to pay per click as a method of advertising marketing online. Because charges are incurred each time a link is clicked, the potential for abuse can be very high. Some PPC search engines even offer internet users free gifts or other incentives to click on their links, leading many people entirely uninterested in a certain product or service to click on related links. Also, some PPC search engines do not work very well, and will not attract internet users to their online advertising.

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