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What does pay per click management software do for me? How does it help my business?

PPC management Software, pay per click tracking

Pay per click management software enables you to manage your pay per click advertising on an hourly basis. It test keywords, positions and prices. It can track the effectiveness of your chosen keywords as well as monitor the bidding process. The ppc software allows you to spend more time on the sales end of your business while it monitors your online marketing actions.

Can I adjust my bids to reflect my customers' spending trends?

PPC Software, Bid Management Software

Adjust your bids! One way bid management software saves you money is by allowing you to adjust your settings based on your sales history. For example, if most of your sales occur over in the evening after people are settled in for the day, then you can adjust your bid to rank higher in the evening and lower the rest of the day.

Why is Pay per click tracking important? What does it tell me?

PPC Software, Pay Per Click Tracking

Pay per click tracking allows you to determine how much your online store in generating sales. It can also study customer behavior. Depending on how detailed the tracking report is, you may also learn what specific pages your customer vistised, how long they looked at each page and if they were a returning customer. PPC Software acts, in part, as a surveyor and an analysts. Pay per click tracking is especially beneficial if you advertise with more than one PPC company.

What is bid management software?

PPC Software, Bid Management Software

The primary feature of bid management software is its automated bidding ability. You choose how often the automated bidding checks the bids and updates your information. It can be set up to bid once a day or as often as every single minute. This way, priority is given to the most competitive keyword listings by updating them more frequently than the lesser priority keyword listings.

Will my competition see my maximum bid? How can I hide that information?

PPC Software, PPC management software

Watch the competition! Some pay per click management software will mask your bidding information. It will adjusts your maximum bid so that your competitors are not able to see your information. This prevents the competition from trying to make you routinely pay your maxbid. The ppc management software also blocks the information so that no one knows where your top figure is set.

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