“Blanket” Keyword Bid Management

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How do “blanket” keyword management strategies increase my bid ROI?

“Blanket” Keyword Bid Management

Linus, he of the blanket, would be a whiz at keyword bid management, simply because he knows that blankets can secure your PPC bid management strategy. A “blanket” is a defined range of targeted keywords that relate to one broad keyword.

Say, for example, that you want to place a pay per click bid on “integrated circuit.” Linus would tell you to widen your bid management so you include all related terms, which according to an Overture search include:

* circuit integrated
* circuit integrated mixed signal
* application circuit integrated specific
* circuit integrated system
* circuit digital integrated

Aha! You're a digital integrated circuit manufacturer, so you tell Linus to bid on “circuit digital integrated.” Linus has already planned for that in your pay per click bid management.

You discover that your “blanket edges,” or keyword bid management limits, don't include terms like “circuit history integrated” or “circuit integrated obsolete.” You've just defined a bid management strategy that will maximize your ROI, because people who search for digital circuits click on your listing but not on your competitor's, which includes “circuit history integrated.” Your competitor hasn't defined the blanket, but if you think like Linus, you can.



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