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don’t want to spend $5 per click in my pay per click bids, but how do I maximize my ROI while ignoring the popular keywords?

Less Expensive Keywords Yield Greater Results

Pay per click advertising will continue to grow faster than any other sector of online advertising, with a projected increase from $2.6 billion in 2004 to $5.5 billion in 2009, which means that spending time planning your pay per click bid management strategy can yield great ROI later. The key, as stated above, is being willing to target your bid management toward less popular keywords, in other words, the ones that cost less than $5.00 on Overture and Google. Suppose, for example, you run a business card printing company, and you find that “business cards” has a $4.43 CPC on Overture, whereas just “business” is $0.99. “Business” may cast a wider net, but you can always choose “business card layout” if that's what you specialize in. When you're cashing in on pay per click bid management and keyword management, God and the devil really are in the details.

How can the analogy of, say, a stock portfolio help me with PPC bid management?

PPC Bid Management – Easier than Stocks

When tracking this or that pay per click bid seems overwhelming, you can use portfolio campaign management to keep tabs on all your bids at once, following the ROI on your keywords the way that you would on, say, the stock portfolio for your Roth IRA. The money you spend on keywords in, say, Google, ESpotting, Overture, Kanoodle, and FindWhat isn't as vulnerable as in the stock market. In pay per click bid management, it's not a financial hardship to let go of a keyword at a premium position getting 30 clicks a month, or to opt for one at a lower position. There are plenty of “hot stocks” out there in the PPC bid management game, depending on how well targeted the keywords are to your business, and you needn't chase after the “power keywords” since searchers often use longer, less popular keywords as they get closer to buying your product or service. In bid management, as in investing, a good rule of thumb is to delete a keyword listing that won't turn into, say, an eBay, and then to focus on the high performers

I’m overwhelmed by keyword bid management, how can I reduce the work and time I spend on my PPC bid management campaigns?

Using an Automated Pay Per Click Bid Management System

With numerous bidders for specific search phrases such as “no-fault auto insurance,” the bid prices can change at any time, forcing
advertisers to spend as much as three hours per day on keyword bid management to check keyword positions and update bids on 100 or more
keyword phrases. Consider using an automated pay per click bid management system that simultaneously manages various keywords across various accounts and search engines. The principle is the same as using an investment broker service for stocks, and you don't have to worry about your PPC bid management service ending up in the financial scandal headlines…but your ads will wind up on the major search engines thanks to automated pay per click management. Automated bid management software and services allow you to customize your keyword bidding strategies, so you save time and money, not to mention your sanity as you manage your Internet marketing strategy. As with your keywords, do comparison shopping for the software or service that suits your business.

How do I choose the best keywords to get a maximum ROI on my pay per click bid campaigns?

Know the Right Keywords for Your Business

PPC bid management success depends on two things: (1) having a clear Max Bid, knowing the highest amount you're willing to pay every time a visitor clicks on your listing and (2) organizing your keyword bid management strategy to include those keywords that are well targeted to your business. Don't just go with what your competition shells out for pay per click bid; you're competing to showcase your business to the customer, not to determine who can outbid who. Joe's No-Fault Auto Discount Insurance, for example, might set their bid for “auto accident claims” at $0.60 per click, but if you bid $0.80 when your customers aren't searching for “auto accident claims,” even if you outbid Joe, your bid management strategy won't yield the ROI you hoped for.

Even if I have an automated bid software solution or a service handling my PPC bid management, do I still need to monitor the results myself?

Campaign Tracking Is the Secret

PPC Campaign tracking has become as important as making each pay per click bid. Like any other advertising campaign you start, you need to pay attention to the results of keyword bid management. Even if you opt for an automated tracking service that can handle everything for you, do your homework and educate yourself on bid management. Google, Overture Ah-ha, and LookSmart constantly change, and keywords also constantly change…and, of course, your business doesn't stay static. Another secret to PPC bid management: Know the online advertising game, and equally important, know your own business goals.

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