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Can I use my latest discounts and specials as part of my NexTag pay per click campaign?

Don't Discount your Discounts on

Everyone loves discounts, which no self-respecting pay per click shopping engine will ignore. NexTag features a Deals & Coupons category that you can target as part of your NexTag pay per click strategy.

Make your offer short and specific, just like your keywords. While some merchants opt for “Clearance Center – Savings Every Day,” you can choose more descriptive phrases to invite clickthroughs. Real examples for the pay per click shopping engine:

• “Guitar Care Essentials from $1.99”
• “SOCCER.COM sale—up to 70% off”
• “Save Up to $300 on Table-top Synth”

These phrases can also become keywords, particularly if you are a discount retailer. And don't forget to list an expiration date as your call to action.

My search of showed no listings for “rebates”—should I still bid on it?

Rebates Isn't A Popular Keyword, Butů

The NexTag Pay Per Click shopping engine features a Rebates section. However, a keyword search for “rebates” in all categories produces no results.

Think again. The search also yields “Additional Resources,” listings that highlight the word “rebates.” These too are paid NexTag pay per click ads. In addition, for eBay sellers, the page details auctions with “rebates” in the ad copy. The moral: When it comes to pay per click engines, don't overlook any strategy.

What keywords should I bid on to maximize my NexTag PPC leads?

Searching For Keywords on NexTag is Easier Than You Think

Some NexTag categories offer a unique way to look at the keywords your pay per click shopping engine competition uses. For example, if you are a framed art reseller specializing in floral landscapes, you can peruse the listings in the Paintings & Art category. Each product description features a keyword listing, for example:

• “Wallpaper, Wallpaper Borders, Kitchen”
• “Framed Art, Picture, Kids, Children”
• “Framed Art, Picture, Flowers, Gardens, Landscapes, Florals”

While it's not a good idea to rely solely on keywords that are too broad, in the Nextag pay per click model, choosing basic keywords and keyword phrases is your best strategy. So is knowing the different features of pay per click engines.

How do I know what people are searching for on NexTag?

Keep Track of Popular Searches

If you look at the left-hand column on each NexTag page, you'll notice that NexTag has taken a clue from Wordtracker and made it easy to see what people are searching for on the pay per click shopping engine. A box shows you “Popular Searches,” essentially giving you an idea for keywords to bid on for your Nextag pay per click campaign. For example, one recent listing included these diverse items:

• “vince carter”
• “monster trucks”
• “wwe”
• “Allen Iverson photos”
• “palm pilot”

If you own a sports and recreation store, a sports collectibles store, or a personal electronics store, you just received some qualified leads. Each listing is hyperlinked, allowing direct clickthrough to a page of results where your pay per click items will come up in the searches.

The listings change with each page and each search. Spend as much time regularly checking this box as you do choosing your keywords for the other pay per click engines.

What is the NexTag Price Drops feature and how does it affect my PPC campaign?

Drops at NexTag

Like stock price tracking features, the Price Drops charts at NexTag show the changes in prices for items in a category, such as Computers > Notebooks.

Can you directly use the Price Drops as part of your PPC bid management campaign for the Nextag pay per click shopping engine? No. However, the Price Drops feature allows you to check your competition's prices at the same time that your customers do. A successful NexTag pay per click strategy, as with all pay per click engines, depend on using keyword management with results tracking such as Price Drops.

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