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What is fraud filtering technology?

What is fraud filtering technology?

Search engines are now implementing fraud filtering technology to help prevent and catch click fraud. Overture in particular has taken great strides to improve their fraud filtering technology, and they have dedicated additional resources to handling advertiser fraud cases. Click fraud at overture is taken very seriously, and they have a team of professionals to develop additional technology to prevent pay per click fraud. This fraud filtering technology is also used by other search engines as well, and is still in development. Click-through protection and fraud filtering software is very important to advertisers, and is key in the prevention of click fraud.

What do I do if I suspect click fraud is happening?

What to do if you suspect click fraud.

If you suspect that your company or website is being affected by click fraud, contact the search engine you are advertising with right away. As an internet advertiser the majority of the burden rests on you to identify click fraud, and take the steps to protect yourself. If you have identified fraud ask for a refund on the fraudulent clicks, and in many cases you will be promptly refunded. Take advantage of the tools that search engines like Google and Overture offer to prevent and stop fraud from happening. You also may want to consider investing in software that prevents pay per click fraud.

How do you expose click fraud?

Exposing click fraud.

The amount of exposure click fraud had received has increased dramatically over the last year. This is largely due to the increase in pay per click search engines, and greater advertiser savvy. Although it is hard to measure the full extent of click fraud, it is said to play a huge role in internet marketing campaigns with industry leaders such as Google and Overture. People are looking into the problem of pay per click fraud as the cost of internet search marketing goes up. Exposing click fraud is not an easy task, and it demonstrates a fundamental weakness in the internet marketing industry.

How can I prevent click fraud?

How to spot pay per click fraud

There are a few things you can do to track and prevent click fraud. If you have good server logs you can track referrals to find fraud. You can also look into fraud detection software. Click fraud at Google, and other large search engines, can be prevented if you know what alert signals to look for. Some indicators of possible pay per click fraud are: Abnormally high search frequency for expensive words, Great spikes in search frequency at a particular time, and repeat clicks from a specific IP address. If you stay alert you can help prevent click fraud from impacting your internet marketing campaigns

What is click fraud and how does it happen?

What is click fraud and how does it happen?

Click fraud is the practice of illegitimately clicking on a text ad in a search engine such as Google, in order to force the advertiser to pay for the click. Some companies who perpetrate this fraudulent activity employ low-cost workers from Asian countries to click on text links and other advertisements. Other companies use internet robots that are programmed to click on links that are listed in search queries and results. Yet another form of pay per click fraud takes place when companies click on their competitors' ads with the intention of depleting their marketing budgets and skewing their search results. All of these forms of fraud can cost online advertisers a lot of money.

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