Don't Just Go Straight to the T-O-P

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Can I succeed with Overture without having my keyword(s) in one of the top three Overture positions?

Don't Just Go Straight to the T-O-P

Remember T-O-P, which stands for Top Overture Position, and also The Optimum Placement. Don't confuse the two.

While you want your per click ads to land in Overture's top three, there's more to succeeding with pay per click search engines than exhausting your funds with a $4.00-6.00 bid per click.

Overture's Search Term Suggestion Tool allows you to see which keywords are most popular, but the most popular per click terms for, say, dog clothing might not be helpful if you want to specify “sweaters for poodles.”

When designing your Overture PPC campaign, remember that the Top Overture Position for you is the keyword position that gets your business noticed.



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