Built-In PPC Tools: Your best Bet for Your Best Keywords

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How can Overture help me choose better, more targeted keywords?

Built-In PPC Tools: Your best Bet for Your Best Keywords

The more specific you get with your keywords in your Overture Pay Per Click campaign, the less competition you will have for your pay per click spots, even if your keywords aren't in the top Overture position.

The Internet Digest cites the example of “soccer training” and suggests “womens soccer training” as a specific Alternative. (Remember that Overture treats single and plural keywords the same.)

If you click on the search term variations for, say, “womens soccer training” on the actual keyword table, you may get even more specific key phrases and keywords, which can deliver more bang for your pay click buck. Take advantage of Overture's built-in tools when designing your Overture PPC campaign.



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