Don't Overestimate Overture or Overlook Third Party Solutions

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What are Overture’s limitations and how do I get around them?

Don't Overestimate Overture or Overlook Third Party Solutions

Overture can't maintain your bidding rank for your pay per click ads, so be aware of its limitations. Overture traditionally offers Fixed Bids for pay per click ads, allowing you to set the exact amount you're willing to pay. For example, if you bid $1.00, Overture will charge you $1.00 per click regardless of what other advertisers bid in their Overture PPC campaigns. Overture doesn't close the price gap between you and your competition that keeps you from the top spot or your desired position.

Third party bid management software can help you maintain your rank, or you can outsource your Overture PPC campaign to a third party service provider that will keep your desired rank in the pay per click search engines, specifically Overture.



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