Avoiding Overture PPC Fraud

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What is Overture click fraud and how do I avoid it?

Avoiding Overture PPC Fraud

Have you run up $500-$1000 worth of pay per click ads but your phone has cobewebs on it? By now you may think that taking Mr. Addis Abbaba of Nigeria up on his offer to cut you in on his Nigerian bank account sounds less risky.

Chances are you've crossed over to the Dark Side of pay per click search engines: click fraud, which involves scammers (competitors or pimply-faced hackers) who click on your top Overture position keywords without any intent of buying your products and services. Fortunately, Overture's proprietary Click Protection System looks at each click, so the same scammer can't repeatedly hit your keyword and accumulate multiple per click charges.

Unfortunately, as in any money making activity, there's no way to prevent click fraud, so keep track of your raw server log data to track any suspicious activity; this will help Overture pursue your claim more effectively. Also, a friendly Overture and relationship with the Overture PPC specialists goes a long way.



1/29/2007 2:02:10 PM
Donna said:

There is a new search engine coming up with a new technology called 'PAY PER VALID CLICK' .

Hopefully this will help advertisers and hopefully all the search engines will use this technogoly so that advertisers can advertise safely.


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