Fixed Versus Auto Bids

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What is an Auto Bid and what is a Fixed Bid – Does It Matter Anyway?

Fixed Versus Auto Bids

Overture offers two types of bids for pay per click ads. Understanding them both makes a vital difference in your Overture PPC campaigns.

1) Auto Bid – You can set the Max Bid you want to pay per click. In an automated system for pay per click search engines, you only pay, say, $0.01 more than the Max Bid of the next highest competitor, and the system adjusts your cost as other advertisers change bids. This can give you an advantage, but you could end up paying more than you want.
2) Fixed Bid – Overture lets you select the exact amount per click for your pay per click ads and pay that set amount, with no deviation regardless of what other advertisers bid in their Overture PPC campaigns. This conserves your funds, but there's no gap closed between you and other advertisers seeking to beat the pay per click search engines.



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