Web Marketing, PPC and Ad Copy

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In my Web marketing efforts, how will my ad copy affect my PPC campaigns?

Web Marketing, PPC and Ad Copy

Web marketing experts that don't tell you to write effective ad copy are bona fide quacks. Don't trust any so-called sure-fire Internet marketing strategy that tells you to forget ad copy and focus on bidding on the #1 keyword listing on Overture, Kanoodle, etc.

Strategic Internet marketing depends on crisp, active, benefit-laden, keyword-rich ad copy. If you can write ad copy that makes, say, tire irons sound like a must-have and includes the keyword “tire iron” that you've just bid on in the PPC search engine, you've just unleashed an Internet marketing tool equal to buying the most sought-after Overture keyword. Ad copy gives you a particular advantage when designing your Google AdWords, since the AdWords Internet marketing model depends on…you guessed it…words. Make that ad copy sing and your PPC campaigns will thank you.



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