Searching For Keywords on NexTag is Easier Than You Think

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What keywords should I bid on to maximize my NexTag PPC leads?

Searching For Keywords on NexTag is Easier Than You Think

Some NexTag categories offer a unique way to look at the keywords your pay per click shopping engine competition uses. For example, if you are a framed art reseller specializing in floral landscapes, you can peruse the listings in the Paintings & Art category. Each product description features a keyword listing, for example:

• “Wallpaper, Wallpaper Borders, Kitchen”
• “Framed Art, Picture, Kids, Children”
• “Framed Art, Picture, Flowers, Gardens, Landscapes, Florals”

While it's not a good idea to rely solely on keywords that are too broad, in the Nextag pay per click model, choosing basic keywords and keyword phrases is your best strategy. So is knowing the different features of pay per click engines.



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