Keep Track of Popular Searches

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How do I know what people are searching for on NexTag?

Keep Track of Popular Searches

If you look at the left-hand column on each NexTag page, you'll notice that NexTag has taken a clue from Wordtracker and made it easy to see what people are searching for on the pay per click shopping engine. A box shows you “Popular Searches,” essentially giving you an idea for keywords to bid on for your Nextag pay per click campaign. For example, one recent listing included these diverse items:

• “vince carter”
• “monster trucks”
• “wwe”
• “Allen Iverson photos”
• “palm pilot”

If you own a sports and recreation store, a sports collectibles store, or a personal electronics store, you just received some qualified leads. Each listing is hyperlinked, allowing direct clickthrough to a page of results where your pay per click items will come up in the searches.

The listings change with each page and each search. Spend as much time regularly checking this box as you do choosing your keywords for the other pay per click engines.



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