Let Customers Help You Win the Bizrate Pay Per Click Game

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How do I achieve a high Bizrate.com customer rating?

Let Customers Help You Win the Bizrate Pay Per Click Game

While Net merchants say the cost per customer is higher with Bizrate than with Overture, this shouldn't automatically eliminate Bizrate from your per click search engine campaign. Bizrate's cost per click feature means that what you pay per click may involve prior clicks to reach the final buying point, as opposed to Overture, where you only pay if a customer clicks on your listing.

However, Bizrate, unlike Overture, doesn't charge a setup fee for listings. Also, Overture requires a minimum bid of 10 cents for any keyword. Bizrate offers sponsored links in addition to the traditional PPC model of pay per click search engines. Your Bizrate pay per click campaign can be worth your advertising dollars if you pay attention to your keywords, your customer ratings (see above) and your Bizrate cost per click.

Also, Bizrate is reinventing itself as Shopzilla and reviews already tout Shopzilla as unique among comparison-shopping pay per click search engines.



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