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How does my listing’s placement in Bizrate’s Categories and Subcategories affect the ROI on my Bizrate cost per click?

Categorize Yourself

For all you eBay sellers, Amazon's not your only avenue to get your auction listing noticed, and nor are the regular pay per click search engines. Bizrate spiders eBay for catalog items such as appliances, electronics, and housewares, then lists items in the Bizrate pay per click engine. When you click “Buy Online,” however, the pay per click engine takes you directly to a product listing page.

A simple search for “ebay” on Bizrate produces many listings, which will most likely drive traffic to your site and prove well worth the Bizrate cost per click for one of the top Wordtracker keywords. Remember, however, to purchase the keyword in your selected categories and subcategories, for example Computers & Software > RAM & Memory Upgrades. Targeting more specific keyword phrases, such as “eBay computer RAM,” will help customers find our eBay business on Bizrate.



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