Don't Overreact Because Bizrate's Higher than Overture

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If Bizrate features the cost per click, shouldn’t I skip BizRate and just go with Overture?

Don't Overreact Because Bizrate's Higher than Overture

Bizrate allows you to bid for keywords at the Category and Subcategory levels. For example, if you are a kitchen appliance retailer, you might bid on, for example “microwaves” in Bizrate's Appliance category. From there, you might advance your pay per click engine strategy and bid on “microwaves” in the Kitchen subcategory. Then, you'll edge out your competition in the pay per click search engines with a triple play by bidding on “Microwaves” in…you guessed it…Microwaves, a subcategory of Kitchen. The Bizrate cost per click is worth it if you budget for subcategories in your Bizrate pay per click campaign.



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