PPC Bid Management – Easier than Stocks

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How can the analogy of, say, a stock portfolio help me with PPC bid management?

PPC Bid Management – Easier than Stocks

When tracking this or that pay per click bid seems overwhelming, you can use portfolio campaign management to keep tabs on all your bids at once, following the ROI on your keywords the way that you would on, say, the stock portfolio for your Roth IRA. The money you spend on keywords in, say, Google, ESpotting, Overture, Kanoodle, and FindWhat isn't as vulnerable as in the stock market. In pay per click bid management, it's not a financial hardship to let go of a keyword at a premium position getting 30 clicks a month, or to opt for one at a lower position. There are plenty of “hot stocks” out there in the PPC bid management game, depending on how well targeted the keywords are to your business, and you needn't chase after the “power keywords” since searchers often use longer, less popular keywords as they get closer to buying your product or service. In bid management, as in investing, a good rule of thumb is to delete a keyword listing that won't turn into, say, an eBay, and then to focus on the high performers



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