Know the Right Keywords for Your Business

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How do I choose the best keywords to get a maximum ROI on my pay per click bid campaigns?

Know the Right Keywords for Your Business

PPC bid management success depends on two things: (1) having a clear Max Bid, knowing the highest amount you're willing to pay every time a visitor clicks on your listing and (2) organizing your keyword bid management strategy to include those keywords that are well targeted to your business. Don't just go with what your competition shells out for pay per click bid; you're competing to showcase your business to the customer, not to determine who can outbid who. Joe's No-Fault Auto Discount Insurance, for example, might set their bid for “auto accident claims” at $0.60 per click, but if you bid $0.80 when your customers aren't searching for “auto accident claims,” even if you outbid Joe, your bid management strategy won't yield the ROI you hoped for.



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