Google AdWords Tips on Daily Budget

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What is my Google AdWords daily budget and how does it affect my pay per click campaign?

Google AdWords Tips on Daily Budget

A few brief Google AdWords tips on your daily budget can save you frustration and money.

First, understand that your Google AdWords daily budget applies to individual campaigns, not to your total Google advertising budget. As with any PPC bid management strategy in the major pay per click search engines, you need to understand how your cost per click is actually spent. For example, if you have seven ad campaigns with a budget of six dollars per campaign, your daily advertising cost is $42.00.

Second, your daily budget determines how often your Google advertising is shown for your keywords, so Google AdWords gives a recommendation for your daily budget amount. Although you have the option to increase your daily budget, taking advantage of the Google AdWords built-in tools saves you hours of trial and error in your Google AdWords pay per click bid management.



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