Google AdWords International Keywords

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How can I best select Google AdWords keywords for my markets in Italy and China?

Google AdWords International Keywords

No set of Google AdWords tips can neglect the international markets, any more than you can.

One advantage Google has over many pay per click search engines is allowing you to select keywords for different languages and countries.

For example, if you provide commercial real estate loans, you can search in Chinese (simplified) and further narrow it down by country to China. When selecting Google AdWords for this campaign, you might search for “commercial real estate” and “loans.” Although results are in English, you gain a list of Expanded Broad Matches (“loan,” “financing”) and Similar Keywords (“investment,” “7a,” “calculation”). Now try “fresco” in Italian, targeted to Italy. The search produces more specific keywords for your Google advertising: “pesce fresco,” “fresco blu parmalat,” “fresco bar milano.” If you speak Italian or have a speaker of Italian on staff, you're ready to select your keywords.



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