Pay Per Click Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Pay Per Click Affiliate Program?

How do you Monitor Your Pay Per Click Affiliate Program Successfully?

What are the Advantages of a Pay Per Click Affiliate Program?

What Pitfalls Should I Avoid as I Embark on a Pay Per Click Affiliate Program?

What are Internet Affiliate Programs?

Where do I begin with keyword research?

How do I compete with other web sites promoting the same product I do?

What is an example of a keyword strategy I can apply to increase my web traffic?

What the benefit of keyword marketing research?

What is the purpose of keyword research tools?

What is pay per click online advertising?

How does pay per click advertising work?

What are some of the benefits of pay per click advertising?

What are some drawbacks to pay per click?

How should I choose a pay per click engine to advertise my business online?

What are some other online advertising strategies?

How do I determine what to bid?; How does PPC advertising work?

What is gap bidding? How do I determine what amount to bid?

How do I get the placed high in the search engine results? Is the top position always the best position?

How do pay per click programs work?

Are all ppc advertising programs the same? Which pay per click programs will work for me?

What is bid management software?

Can I adjust my bids to reflect my customers' spending trends?

Why is Pay per click tracking important? What does it tell me?

What does pay per click management software do for me? How does it help my business?

Will my competition see my maximum bid? How can I hide that information?

Where can I look for a way to help my business grow?

I'm new to online advertising. Where can I get started?

How does FindWhat determine when I have to pay?

Why should I use a pay per click engine?

Can you tell me the name of an inexpensive search engine?

What is click fraud and how does it happen?

How do you expose click fraud?

How can I prevent click fraud?

What is fraud filtering technology?

What do I do if I suspect click fraud is happening?

Can I succeed with Overture without having my keyword(s) in one of the top three Overture positions?

What are Overture’s limitations and how do I get around them?

How can Overture help me choose better, more targeted keywords?

What is an Auto Bid and what is a Fixed Bid – Does It Matter Anyway?

What is Overture click fraud and how do I avoid it?

What is Bizrate PPC?

How do I achieve a high customer rating?

If Bizrate features the cost per click, shouldn’t I skip BizRate and just go with Overture?

How does my listing’s placement in Bizrate’s Categories and Subcategories affect the ROI on my Bizrate cost per click?

How can I create a Bizrate PPC campaign for my eBay business?

Is Google the only place where I can target my Google AdWords campaign?

What are Ad Groups and how do I choose keywords for them?

How can I best select Google AdWords keywords for my markets in Italy and China?

What is my Google AdWords daily budget and how does it affect my pay per click campaign?

What are negative keywords and how do I use them for maximum benefit in my Google advertising?

What keywords should I bid on to maximize my NexTag PPC leads?

How do I know what people are searching for on NexTag?

Can I use my latest discounts and specials as part of my NexTag pay per click campaign?

My search of showed no listings for “rebates”—should I still bid on it?

What is the NexTag Price Drops feature and how does it affect my PPC campaign?

I don’t have a Web site, and I understand PriceGrabber can provide one. How does that work?

Is PriceGrabber UK worth including on my PPC campaign?

Since people use Pricegrabber to find low prices, should I use “low price” as a keyword?

Should I include Pricegrabber’s Brazil site, Preçomania, in my PPC campaign?

Are fixed bids better for me in my Pricegrabber campaign than in my bid campaigns with other pay per click engines?

How can the analogy of, say, a stock portfolio help me with PPC bid management?

I’m overwhelmed by keyword bid management, how can I reduce the work and time I spend on my PPC bid management campaigns?

How do I choose the best keywords to get a maximum ROI on my pay per click bid campaigns?

don’t want to spend $5 per click in my pay per click bids, but how do I maximize my ROI while ignoring the popular keywords?

Even if I have an automated bid software solution or a service handling my PPC bid management, do I still need to monitor the results myself?

What tools can I use to analyze my pay per click results?

Why is per-keyword analysis the best method to determine keyword effectiveness?

What is PPC split testing and how does it help PPC analysis?

Does the ranking of the pay per click search engine affect my pay per click results?

How do I know if my #1 ranked keyword actually delivers traffic?

How does my actual Web site help or hinder my conversion results?

What can large search engines teach me about pay per click results?

What are junk pay per click search engines and how do they ruin my pay per click analysis?

Should I use a pay per click tool such as third-party pay per click software or rely on the one provided by, say, Overture?

How much time should I spend on my pay per click analysis?

What do I do if I’m involved in a keyword bidding war?

How do “blanket” keyword management strategies increase my bid ROI?

Can I tailor my keywords to actions I want visitors to perform at my site?

How do I find popular search terms related to my business for a specific pay per click search engine?

Do you recommend bidding on local keywords?

What if I have a search term that’s so unique no one’s bid on it?

What do I need to know to succeed in FindWhat bidding?

Is it worth Quepasa’s minimum deposit of $100.00 to capture the Spanish-speaking market?

What’s the advantage in listing with as opposed to other pay per click engines?

How do I know if my search term has dropped in the ratings?

How else can I use the Consumer Demand Index in my PPC campaigns?

Should I deliberately try to target the popular category of the week?

I don’t have time to randomly check the keyword rankings, what can I do?

Should I bid on keywords in the top 100 searches in each category?

What is DealTimeUK?

Do I still need to monitor

How much of my Internet marketing strategy should I devote to pay per click advertising?

In my Web marketing efforts, how will my ad copy affect my PPC campaigns?

How many keywords should I select in my Internet marketing strategy?

How many keywords should I have in my Google AdWords ad?

How do I specifically drive traffic from my pay per click listing to my product?

How do I use my Web content to increase the ROI on my Google AdWords?

How do I use headlines in my Web marketing and can I use keyword phrases as headlines?

How much of my Internet marketing can I automate or outsource?

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