Junk Pay Per Click Search Engines

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What are junk pay per click search engines and how do they ruin my pay per click analysis?

Junk Pay Per Click Search Engines

A junk pay per click search engine is to pay per click bid management what junk e-mail is to a legitimate targeted e-mail campaign. Don't go there.

Your pay per click report from a junk pay per click search engine may show a 50 percent conversion rate from the keyword “drumming circle music,” a keyword that the junk engine's pay per click tool shows is number 1 in the searches. But check the pay per click reports from FindWhat and you'll probably see that “drumming circle music” has a 20 percent conversion rate and a #7 ranking. Your pay per click analysis across your various PPC search engines, particularly if you use an automated solution, shows similar metrics across the bigger name search engines. You've just fallen prey to a junk pay per click search engine.

Pay per click junk search engines create several Web sites with no content and just use the top general words for specific categories, then direct traffic to your site. Once you stop listing your site with these scam engines, your conversion rates will soar, particularly since you'll change your keyword strategy.



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