Think Big in Pay Per Click Analysis

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What can large search engines teach me about pay per click results?

Think Big in Pay Per Click Analysis

While your pay per click bid management strategy should wisely target less popular but more specific keywords, the same isn't true for pay per click search engines. The major PPC search engines, namely Overture and Google AdWords, are giants for a reason.

It isn't worth it to have glowing pay per click reports on SearchFeed or a PPC search engine your former college roommate (the one who has a voodoo doll of Bill Gates) has invented. It isn't worth the time drain until you've actually checked the pay per click tool offered by Google AdWords or Overture. Your keyword that happens to be #1 on your friend's PPC search engine may be #51 on Overture and even SearchFeed. Pay per click analysis of your ROI may show sales from your friend's search engine, but when you look at the same targeted keyword on Google AdWords and see the conversion rate, you know that thinking small doesn't pay off.

Bear in mind that your friend's search engine may be a junk PPC engine, in which case you need to drop the campaign and your friend…fast.



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