Don't Neglect Your Web Site Logs

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How does my actual Web site help or hinder my conversion results?

Don't Neglect Your Web Site Logs

News flash: Your Web site is your most effective pay per click tool, and the one you most overlook.

Your pay per click report for, say, FindWhat indicates your site gets a steady stream of hits from your #7 ranked keyword, which your pay per click bid management strategy has made as specific to your business as possible.

There's just one little problem. While you bury your nose in pay per click reports, you forget to look at your Web site and see that the text size turns off 90 percent of unique visitors. Or perhaps your Web site text doesn't even mention the keyword you've bid on. No wonder that most of your visitors leave without even looking at your terrific anti-wrinkle cream. Your conversion results hover near zero.

Most slick pay per click analysis tools don't factor the site visitor into the equation. Study your Web site logs as part of your pay per click analysis, and make changes to your site. For starters, get rid of that cool font, and make sure the phrase “anti-wrinkle cream” is actually on the home page or wherever your site visitors land.



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