Testing, Testing, Testing

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How do I know if my #1 ranked keyword actually delivers traffic?

Testing, Testing, Testing

In pay per click analysis for your optimal pay per click bid management, the rule is test, test, test.

If your keyword is #1 on Overture (and you've spent big PPC dollars to get there), don't just assume the #1 spot will automatically turn your results to gold. Your pay per click report may show that your conversion rate is 10%. This may sound good (a 1% response is usually considered favorable in direct marketing), until you test the #2 or #5 keyword listing and discover that according to those pay per click reports, your competitor's keyword has a 20% conversion rate.

Many pay per click bid management services and software programs have built-in a pay per click tool that tracks ROI and conversion rates with automated testing. But there's still no substitute for doing it yourself.



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