Per Keyword Pay Per Click Analysis

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Why is per-keyword analysis the best method to determine keyword effectiveness?

Per Keyword Pay Per Click Analysis

When studying your pay per click reports, you need to evaluate your keyword ROI on a per keyword basis. Your pay per click analysis will pay off if you spend your time measuring the effectiveness of each keyword.

If your pay per click report for “wood xylophone” reveals that there are more clickthroughs on that term than on the more popular one “musical instruments,” you've just zeroed in on a pay per click tool that can guide your pay per click bid management.

You may have bid $1 for “musical instruments” and .05 for “wood xylophone.” If “wood xylophone” receives five times as many clickthroughs as “musical instruments,” your cost per click is lower and your ROI higher, so it makes sense to consider dropping “musical instruments” from your PPC campaign. That's why, in pay per click analysis, keyword analysis is the best method to maximize your keyword ROI.



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