Third Party vs. Overture Pay Per Click Tool

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Should I use a pay per click tool such as third-party pay per click software or rely on the one provided by, say, Overture?

Third Party vs. Overture Pay Per Click Tool

If you have to look through only one pay per click report, say for Overture, you may be perfectly satisfied with the Overture pay per click tool as your mainstay. However, if your pay per click bid management strategy involves reading pay per click reports for multiple keywords across multiple PPC search engines, you're probably drowning in do-it-yourself-itis.

Overture and Google AdWords only provide tracking and pay per click analysis for their search engines. This isn't practical if you want to cast a wider net with your pay per click bid management strategy. In that case, using a pay per click tool such as a service or third party software, approved for use with several pay per click search engines, will save your sanity. BidRank is one such pay per click tool, with its own software suite designed just for Overture and another for the other PPC search engines.



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